Monthly Archives: October 2012

007 – It’s a lecteur’s life!

Howdy folks, So as predicted, as the weeks go by, I become worse and worse at maintaining an online blog. Firstly, sincere apologies to my dedicated readership (mum) for this recent lag in blog-related activity. It would be agreeable to claim that it this is due to some sort of crazily-busy lifestyle filled with exotic […]

006 – I camembert it no more! Coping with fromagophobia

Hello chaps, So for some reason, cheese scares me. Subsequently, as a long-term sufferer of fromagophobia (the Greeks shared my affliction and named it so), I have, over the years, found myself having numerous close encounters of the churned kind. Not churned like butter, but churned as in my stomach at the thought of congesting […]