Monthly Archives: November 2012

010 – My psychopathic flatmate…Part 1

Howdy folks, In my last English post, (some four weeks ago now…oh how I have succumbed to sloth) I detailed the downright depressing affair that is: searching for accommodation in Rennes. By the start of October, however, things had begun to look up. I had moved into a fantastic studio designated for personnel of the […]

009 – Un recadito para los hispanoparlantes

Hola a todos, Empezando este blog para documentar las experiencias vividas durante mi segunda estancia larga en el extranjero, tenía la intención de redactar la mitad en inglés y la mitad en español, para que sea más accesible a una audiencia hispana, dado mis numerosos contactos en México. Ojalá algunas de mis historias les serán […]

008 – Want to find accommodation in Rennes? Flat chance!

As some of you will know, finding accommodation abroad can be the biggest headache of them all. Not only is it imperative for one’s mental well-being to have affordable, well-located lodgings where one can sleep, leave one’s stuff and generally feel at ease, it also happens to be a complete fucking nightmare to do. Lamentably, […]