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012 – Riots, nuns and Nigerian hookers: My year in review (January-April 2012)

Welcome to part one of my fun-filled, photo-tastic, glorious review of all things 2012. OK, not “all things” as such; you’ll find no reviews of the latest music, films or political events here. No, I’m far too self-centred for that. This post is all about MY 2012. Enjoy… So, my favourite number is 12. As […]

011 – My psychopathic flatmate…Part 2

OK, so two weeks ago I began the long-awaited story about my psychopathic housemate. It’s time to continue our nostalgic voyage down memory lane. You can find part one of this post here: So, when we left the story last time, I had just returned to my flat to salvage any items of valeur […]