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014 – Wine, Chateaux and many a linguistic woe: My year in review (September-December 2012)

Here we have it: the end to my year review – admittedly a trifle behind schedule (evidently I’m far too busy and important), seeing as we are now well into 2013. How’s it going, by the way? You having a good one? In this post I will quickly be reviewing my September-December 2012. I intend […]

013 – Clowns, Degrees and Rowdy German Teens: My year in review (May-August 2012)

Part one, covering January-April can be found here: May May 2012 was a real funfest for me.  Indeed, to save typing, I took a photo that conveniently sums up my May. Have a gawk: Note the occasional smiley face along with the words and punctuation marks of encouragement in Spanglish at the bottom of […]