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005 – Moving to France vs. Moving to Mexico: Which is easier? (Part 1)

Howdy chicos und meninas, So unless you’ve managed to avoid any sort of contact with me and my Facebook profile for the past couple of years (you lucky thing, you), you will already be aware that in 2010 I ventured out to live for a year in the land of cacti, fiestas and tequila, also […]

004 – Newsflash! French food is good; university system less so.

Now into my second week as a fully-fledged Rennais, I consider myself suitably experienced living in this little city to have formed a few opinions worthy of a blog post or two. You’ve been warned! For your reading comfort, these thoughts have been carefully categorised into four groups which have more or less been the cornerstones of […]

003 – We can feel ourselves anywhere you want!

Well boys and girls, 54 hours have come and gone since I touched down in my home for the next year in the West of France and although my internet is severely limited due to my hostel’s wi-fi being non-existent, I feel compelled to report on my séjour in Rennes thus far. Clichéd as an […]

001 – The dawn of a new blog

Good afternoon one and all! How to start a blog? A question that has challenged civilisations through the ages. A conundrum indeed, especially for someone such as I, a seasoned avoider of the world of blogs for some time now, owing to the concern that writer’s block, or just a general wave of “can’t-be-arsed” sydrome […]